Medical Services

The Medical Team consists of Anchorage and Fairbanks  psychiatrists; advanced nurse practitioners (ANPs); physician assistants (PAs); psychiatric nurse-case managers (N-CMs); nationally certified medical assistants (NCMAs); certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and administrative support staff. The range of psychiatric services is provided to adults, children, and families, and includes diagnostic psychiatric evaluations; medication and symptom management; medication administration; coordination of care with case managers, therapists, primary care providers, and other medical specialists; group therapy; and providing educational training to staff throughout the company. The teams provide services at several locations in Anchorage and Fairbanks.

Anchorage Community Mental Health Services Medical Team

Jenna Hiestand, MD – Chief Medical Officer, Anchorage Medical Director, Adult Psychiatrist

Maria Rollins, PA – Adult Psychiatric Physician Assistant

Kristerra Yawea, DNP – Adolescent & Adult Psychiatric Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Doctorate

Laura Crawford, ANP – Adult Psychiatric Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Onome Okurume, ANP – Adult Psychiatric Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Adam Brazionis, RN – Psychiatric Nurse

Karina Demientieff, CNA – Medical Department Coordinator

Brenda Thomas, CMA – Certified Medical Assistant

Vinny Eddy – Medical Assistant

Fairbanks Community Mental Health Services Medical Team

Jenna Hiestand, MD – Fairbanks Medical Director, Adult Psychiatrist

Linda Keddington, DNP – Adult Psychiatric Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Doctorate

Jean Boga, ANP – Adult Psychiatric Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Cathy Jibben, RN – Director of Nursing and Infection Control Nurse

Tiffany Feltman, RN – Psychiatric Nurse

Brittney McDevitt, CNA – Medical Department Coordinator